Bracelets made from rubber bands look really cool when made using the fishtail braid method. Here you’ll learn how to make one from scratch or one using a rainbow loom, should you happen to have one.

Method 1 of 2: From scratch

Create a Fishtail Band Bracelet Step 1.jpg

1. Get three rubber bands of different color.

Twist one band once and put one loop around one finger, and one loop on the other.

Create a Fishtail Band Bracelet Step 2.jpg

2. Now take the other bands, and just put them on both fingers, and do the same with the other.

Create a Fishtail Band Bracelet Step 3.jpg

3. Next, take the bottom loops, and put it in the middle of your two fingers.

Do the same with the other bottom band.

Create a Fishtail Band Bracelet Step 4.jpg

4. Finally, take the color band that is in the middle, and put that colored band on the top.

Create a Fishtail Band Bracelet Step 5.jpg

5. Keep repeating all this steps till it gets as big as your wrist!

Good luck and have patience!

Method 2 of 2: Rainbow loom fishtail bracelet

1. Place your loom in position.

2. Put the first rubber band on the first two pegs.

When you’re putting it on the loom make sure that it represents a figure-eight.

3. Put another rubber band on.

Don’t curl it; just put it on normally.

4. Put another band on the loom.

5. Take the bottom band on the loom.

Pull it up with the hook. Pull it over everything else.

6. Add another band to the two pegs.

Repeat the pulling up process.

* Remember: Whenever you pull a band up, add a new one on.

7. Repeat this process until you have the length that you want for your bracelet.

8. To end the bracelet: Take the bracelet and pull it off the loom.

* Take the two bands in front out.

* Put the clip on that band.

* Take the other end and attach that to the clip.

9. Done.

You should have a nice fishtail rainbow loom bracelet just for you.

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